Dec 28, 2008

Well here it is, after almost three years, we have finally published the new version. To be honest, it could have been released earlier, but we were constantly adding new features and prolonging the date of publishing final release, with usual “just to add this …” excuse.
However, the delay was useful, and we have added some really good features.

For those new to WhizBase - WhizBase is a web-authoring tool for building dynamic, database driven web content. Its main purpose is to build efficient, fast, easy-to-use Internet/intranet web applications, but it is also a great tool for fast and easy development of eye-catching, CMS-powered web presentations, with no programming skills.

WhizBase works with most Windows®-based web servers which support standard CGI applications and filtering, including IIS, Apache, Xitami, OmniHTTPd, Netscape Servers, Abyss Web Server, MicroWeb.
It is a hypertext pre-processor that can be used for the same purpose as PHP or ASP (or any other HTPP), and does not conflict with them (they can be installed on the same server).

The latest version (5.0) was officially published in December 2008. It may be used both as a scripting engine and as a CGI program. It has about 200 reserved words, and it supports almost any database type, still having the ability to create dynamic, eye-catching, database driven web content from the ordinary, static HTML documents with only a few WhizBase reserved words added.

The fact that WhizBase was developed by the experienced web developers, and not by the regular, hard-core programmers who know little (if anything) about the real-life problems web developers live with, separates WhizBase from other hypertext pre-processors and makes it more suitable for an average web developer.

To learn more about WhizBase or to download free trial please wisit our site at