Jul 15, 2009

PowerPack Wizards version 1.0.3 released

PowerPack is a User-friendly interface for WhizBase development. Using WhizBase PowerPack user can build all required files - WhizBase Query Form and WhizBase Report (WBSP file) without need to work directly with WhizBase Engine (using WhizBase parameters, tags and functions). Whole system is built to simplify and ease development of dynamic, database-driven web content. WhizBase Engine simplifies access to the database(s) on the web (either Internet or intranet) and WhizBase PowerPack makes configuring WhizBase easy and simple.

WhizBase Query Form Wizard will help you build web page that calls WBSP file. That is the page that has a HTML form which calls selected WBSP file(s) and sends the parameters entered by visitor and predefined by webmaster. Building this page is easy. It starts with opening database and record source (database table or query) and everything else is done by few mouse clicks following the program's instructions.

Final product of this procedure is source code of web page (HTML), which can easily be modified (or merged with ordinary HTML document) using any web-authoring tool.
Procedure for building Reports is exactly the same. WhizBase report (WBSP file) produced by wizard is a web page (in HTML format) that is used by WhizBase Engine to model the result of the action performed by visitor.

In the new release WhizBase team changed the default form action for quick search from $wbe[script_name] to $wbe[path_info]. Some web servers replace $wbe[script_name] with virtual path to wbsp.exe even when it is not running in CGI mode. $wbe[path_info] always returns path to WhizBase script (.wbsp) file.

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