Jul 7, 2009

Version 5.0.12 released

WhizBase have released a new version of its engine today, including one new variable and three functions.


This variable defines what type of record locking will be used when opening the recordset. If you are not sure what type of record locking you need do not change the default value which is (A) automatic. This function will solve the problem of database damages when more than one update occers in the same time. You can use pessimistic or optimistic, you can leave it automatic or use unspecified.


A new function which returns a the count of instances of a string in another. This will help in easier string manipulations in cobination with other string manipulation functions WhizBase is getting a good collection of powerful functions.


When transmitting data in URLs we have problems with URL encoding. This function will solve that problem, it will encode every value, and all can be returened back with its sister function WBUNESC.


When transmitting data in URLs we have problems with URL encoded data. This function will decode any data encoded by WBESC, WBVC or WBFC functions.

For more information please visit WhizBase downlod page

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